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Getting to know you prior to our photo session is a very important aspect of our studio. Ideally we can meet in person to discuss your desires and to get to know each other, but if that is impossible we will arrange an extensive phone interview. This is your photo session and it is my goal to give you images that you want and that show the personality and the warmth of you and your family.




It is important to remember to wear clothing that will not detract from you in the picture. It is recommended that you wear solid colors and in group shots, that all family members wear clothes that are from "the same family." Collared shirts are recommended for the men and shirts with short or long sleeves for the women. Please keep your jewelry to a minimum.




Getting everyone ready for a session can be stressful and no one picks up on the tension more quickly than the kids. Believe it or not, you are going to have fun getting your picture taken. Please communicate that to your kids and they will be great. I have 3 sons and have coached soccer so I have pretty much seen it all. Needless to say, I love kids!




The relationship and communication between the photographer and bride and groom is so important. For that reason, most of my packages include an engagement session. Not only are these fun and relaxed images of you as a couple that you can use for your sign in board or book but the session is a time when we can really get to know each other and talk further about what you want for your wedding.


My job on your very special day is to document the love, warmth and excitement of the day, not to dictate how the day unfolds. I am there to help you any way that I can but also to be in the background as often as possible and to capture moving and memorable images.


It is hard for me to describe my past brides and grooms as clients. They quickly become friends as we work together and I always feel privileged to be a part of their amazing day.




I am an animal lover to say the least and have life long experience with dogs, horses and cats. I prefer to take pictures of your animals on location. Animals are most confident in their own environment so whenever possible, I will travel to you. If a park setting is desired that is perfectly fine, but in the case of photographing dogs, a quiet park is a must! I believe also that it is very important to document your relationship with your animal. We all know the injustice that our animals are with us for such a short time and so I like to take 15 minutes or so taking pictures of you with your pet. These images are cropped very tightly cropping out most of you but showing the pet and your relationship. There are many examples of this in my pet gallery. I cannot tell you how many clients have gotten back to me after they have lost their pet and thanked me for insisting on this approach. Of course, I will always do traditional portraiture when requested with candids, showing your beloved pet’s true personality. I also invite you to visit my Painting Gallery where I have taken many of these images and painted them, giving my clients lasting oils and watercolors.


Please feed your pet about an hour before our session and give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Your nervousness will go straight down your leash. Please bring your dog’s favorite toy and plenty of treats. I will spend the first 10 minutes, or however long it takes, getting to know him/her and gaining trust. Then the fun will begin!