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About Us

I love what I do!  Whether it is a 3 day wedding, a family portrait, or the challenge of rounding up and photographing a litter of pupies, I approach all with equal enthusiasm and determination to give you, my client, unique images that tell your story.


Photography was not an art that I set out to learn but rather a passion that developed over many years. I picked up a camera at age 6 and amused myself photographing dogs and with that my love affair started and continues on today. Before opening up my studio years ago I worked in the television industry but always found myself wanting to go back to still photography.


I am often asked what my specialty is in photography.  It is impossible for me to narrow it down to one category. Weddings, births, animals, events all have a special excitement and I love the variety. When I work with a family creating a portriat , human or animal, I have the privledge of getting to know them very well.  Almost without exception, my clients become my friends.  So in this world where I am told it is important to specialize, I cannot do that, and my answer to the question is that I specialize in having fun with my clients, giving them a memorable experience, and delivering to them amazing images.  


I embraced digital photography years ago and love the creatively that it allows.  Our industry is forever changing at a very fast pace and ongoing education is imperative and exciting. I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Professionals International and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.


My additional passion is Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that breeds and trains dogs for people with disabilities. I have been involved with this organization for over 20 years and never tire watching the bond between man and dog and seeing how these very special animals help their disabled partners once again achieve independence.


My husband and I live in Santa Rosa, CA in the beautiful wine country in Northern California with 1 cat and 2 labs... 1 retired  Canine Companion breeder and 1 active breeder.


I hope you enjoy my work...I have enjoyed creating it.